Investment Products

Our goal is to provide the investment products and services that can help you attain your individual financial objectives. Your portfolio can benefit from our comprehensive suite of investment and insurance offerings including: equities, fixed income, mutual funds, fee-based and portfolio managed assets, estate planning, insurance products, and more.


The historical strength of equities has made them an integral part of many investment strategies, especially for those investors looking for long-term growth. Our Financial/Investment Advisors can help you select quality stocks that will position you to reach your financial goals. Through our Equity Capital Markets team, we also offer significant new issue opportunities.

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Fixed Income

Our team of fixed income professionals helps your Financial/Investment Advisor provide you with the best products available at competitive pricing. Incorporating fixed income products into your portfolio can help you meet key investment objectives such as preservation of capital, income, and potential growth. With the availability of government, corporate and convertible bonds, and preferred shares, you and your Financial Advisor can choose those issues that suit your objectives.

Mutual Funds

Professional money management and portfolio diversification are just two of the many potential benefits that you can obtain by investing in suitable mutual funds. With access to our mutual fund specialists, and a full range of funds to choose from, your Financial Advisor can help you add the funds that will optimize your portfolio's potential.

Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services offers you personalized fee-based investment solutions. Together, you and your Financial/Investment Advisor will consider your investment objectives, tolerance for risk, and other criteria before deciding on the program that's best suited for you.

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Estate Planning and Insurance

A comprehensive financial strategy begins with planning for the future to protect and preserve your wealth. Our Financial/Investment Advisors offer insurance and estate-planning solutions through Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd. to assist you in obtaining your financial objectives.

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Sustainable investing, an approach that integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, is becoming a much sought-after strategy in the financial industry.

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