Training & Development

We offer various programs and events aimed at providing you with opportunities to continue your professional development.

National Business Conference - One of the highlights each year is our annual National Business Conference. This is a great opportunity for all of our Advisors across Canada, as well as other key Canadian and U.S. partners within our firm to meet and exchange ideas. The conference features a great roster of speakers, as well as valuable breakout sessions that are designed to enhance both your business and your client relationships. Our 2017 National Business Conference was held at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal, Quebec. The 2018 National Business Conference was held at the beautiful Vinoy Renaissance in St. Petersburg, Florida. Previous National Business Conferences have been held in great locations such as Vancouver, BC; Scottsdale, Arizona and Toronto, Ontario. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our 2020 conference was held in a virtual format that enabled more advisor teams to participate.

The Women Canadian Advisors Network at Raymond James - Raymond James is proud to support this valuable initiative available to our female advisors. Through a collection of activities and resources, including the annual women’s symposium, quarterly conference calls, specialized coaching and networking opportunities, the network strives to help women advisors expand their knowledge, expertise and business in a supportive, collaborative environment. For more information about the Women Canadian Advisors Network at Raymond James Ltd. and how to join our team, please contact Andrea Linger at 250-405-2444 or by email at

Advisor Internship Program - Offering a comprehensive education for the next generation of Raymond James Advisors. The program takes a holistic approach to incorporating training for technical and sales skills to position new Advisors for success. For more information, please contact

Coaching - Raymond James is committed to investing in you and your practice. Along with our Business Development Sessions hosted by our Practice Management Group, you will have access to state-of-the art tools, other practice management related programs, and coaching offerings that focus on making your practice as efficient and profitable as possible.

We partner with organizations such as Covenant Group, Pareto Systems, and Steve Moore & Russell's High Speed Strategic Planning (HSSP), to enhance our practice management offering.

We leverage our US parent's relationship with CEG Worldwide so that Canadian advisors can participate in their exclusive coaching program.

In addition, we have the unique ability to leverage any applicable programs offered through our Raymond James partners in the US.

Being an independent advisor means having the freedom to create a practice that you can be passionate about operating in your community, but often times it also means that you work alone. At Raymond James, you have access to a large collection of resources and collaborative opportunities. Contact our recruiting team at 1-866-204-6380 to learn more.