Advisor Access

We recognize how important it is to invest in fast, reliable technology and superior tools at both the front and back offices. Our goal is to ensure our advisors can serve their clients with “best in class” capabilities. We offer:

  • A full brokerage platform that supports client portfolio, account management, trading and operational processes that help leverage your time and enhance your practice.
  • Our Broadridge Dataphile Desktop ™ is best of breed in terms of current technology, providing real-time, point and click processing, with account history from your first day with us. We continually invest in enhancements on this system and have a dedicated development team whose sole purpose is to implement improvements submitted by both our advisors and their clients.

Account management tools include email and spreadsheet integration, notes and reminders, online cheque requests, summaries of plan contributions and foreign holdings, pro-forma accounts, household accounting and integrated management fee billing, as well as presentation-quality portfolio reporting tools and user-friendly query tools to generate standard and custom reports.

We also augment Dataphile with our own proprietary portal (RJCS Net) where you access essential information on how to do business with RJCS and obtain Raymond James proprietary research that can be downloaded, printed or emailed with ease.

  • RJCS offers a choice of third-party technology providers to deliver trade surveillance and sales practice surveillance technologies.
  • Access to integrated and RJCS supported technology such as Finansoft’s Croesus portfolio management technology is also available.

Data Extract Process

Your data is your business. At RJCS we understand how important it is for you to have visibility and access to all of your investor clients’ custodial data, presented in a timely, accurate and consistent manner and delivered through a robust and dependable platform.

At RJCS we host a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) service for production, extraction and delivery of your data. The service is delivered with rigor, including redundant systems and a fully tested Business Continuity Plan that you can count on from Raymond James.

This will allow you to meet your business requirements and simplify the integration of our custodial data with your in-house systems or third-party portfolio management software.

To assist you, or your service provider, in mapping the data to your specific needs, RJCS has documented the file layouts in a comprehensive Data Extract Specification document for your team’s use.