Sophisticated solutions for a complex world.

Through your Raymond James advisor, you have access to the world-class products and services needed to address even the most complex financial needs. And objective, unbiased advice means recommendations are always in your best interests.

Working with a Raymond James Advisor

Your advisor is there for you, your goals, your family and your future. So whatever you are planning for, he or she will be at your side every step of the way to help you navigate a path to the future you envision.

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Learn about our 3Macs Division advisors who are part of a long legacy of providing valued financial advice since before Confederation. 

Investment Products

Your portfolio can benefit from our comprehensive suite of investment and insurance offerings including: equities, fixed income, mutual funds, fee-based and portfolio managed assets, estate planning, insurance products, and more.

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Asset Management

Asset Management Services offers you personalized fee-based investment solutions.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than a series of transactions. It is a process that determines how you can best meet your life goals through the proper management of your financial affairs.

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Investor Resources

Providing you with ready access to vital information and ideas to help you make the most of all facets of your life.

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Client Resources

In addition to a carefully constructed long-term financial plan, working with a Raymond James advisor will also give you ready access to vital information. Whether it's logging into our Client Account Online Access to track all of your Raymond James accounts in one secure place or reviewing important investment disclosures, you can get the information you need, when you need it, from virtually anywhere. And you can get started right here.

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Market Commentary and Research

Publications from our research analysts team that contain market news and investment ideas of potential interest to clients.

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Commentary & Research

Weekly Trends  |  September 14, 2018
It’s All About the Capacity

This week we met with a number of oil and gas executive teams as they were marketing in our Toronto offices. A few common themes emerged during the meeting.

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Trends & Ideas  |  September 7, 2018
The New Social

Civilizations have tried to improve the way they communicate across long distances throughout history. Prior to the 20th century, our ancestors had a limited way of communicating with each other. In the 11th century, pigeons were observed to fly home from wherever they were located; when a brief message was added, this one-way service came to be known as pigeon post.

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Insights & Strategies  |  September 6, 2018
Spending “Quality” Time with the Portfolio

According to many market observers, the closing of the New York Stock Exchange on August 22, 2018 marked the day that the current US bull market became the longest in modern history.

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