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Commentary & Research

Weekly Trends  |  September 19, 2019

Attack on Aramco

This week the market’s attention shifted away from trade wars to a potential military conflict in the Middle East. By now, most are aware of the overarching details: Saudi Arabia’s main oil processing and storage facility Abqaiq, which processes roughly 7 mln/bpd, was attacked forcing the shut down of more than 5 mln/bpd of capacity. This is the most significant disruption to global oil supply in modern history, as it represents about 5% of global production. Spot WTI and Brent oil prices jumped 15.5% and 12.4%, respectively on the news, but as it became evident the Saudis will have much of the production back online in the coming weeks both benchmarks retreated.

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Trends & Ideas  |  September 6, 2019

Revisiting “Better Than Bonds”

Globally, investors have been flocking to safe-haven assets such as bonds over the past decade, sending bond yields to record lows (bond yields and prices are inversely related: when yields decline, bond prices increase). In fact, Canada, the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand are the only developed markets without government bonds trading with negative yields. The recent push that have sent bond yields to record lows come amid concerns over global trade, slowing global economy and heightened recession fears.

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Insights & Strategies  |  August 8, 2019

Powell Pivot Complete

The US Federal Reserve delivered its first interest rate cut in over a decade amid concern decelerating global growth may further weigh on the US economy.

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