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Life Well Planned. It's more than a motto. It's our purpose and our promise.

Our business is you and your financial well-being, because we believe planning and advice should go well beyond simple asset allocation. It’s about your entire life and managing the complexities that come along with it. A Raymond James financial/investment advisor can pull it all together with sophisticated advice and a detailed guide for the long term.

Market Commentary & Research

Investment Strategy  |  April 2, 2018
Investment Strategy Quarterly

“By themselves, the tariffs on imported steel and aluminum should not have a big impact on the economy. The bigger fear is that we’ll see a wider trade war develop, higher input costs, retaliatory tariffs against U.S. exports, and increased uncertainty for global investment.” – Michael Gibbs, Managing Director, Equity Portfolio & Technical Strategy

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Insights & Strategies  |  April 11, 2018
Rattled But Unwavering

The first quarter of 2018 was a departure from the prior four quarters. From peak to trough, the S&P 500 and S&P/TSX swung ~10% over a matter of weeks. Compared to 2017, the first quarter reintroduced market volatility. There were 22 times during the quarter that the S&P 500 index closed up or down by greater than 1%; for all of 2017, that happened only eight times!

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At Raymond James, our financial/investment advisors have the freedom to offer unbiased advice that’s right for you.

What are you planning for ?

You have goals. we help you get there...

No two people have the exact same goals. That’s why it takes an individually tailored financial strategy to make your goals a reality. Raymond James advisors work with many different clients at many different stages of life. So no matter where you are or where you’re trying to go, your advisor can create a customized strategy to help you get there.

Growing My Wealth

Your advisor can help you build a portfolio that aligns with your goals, timeline, and personal tolerance for risk.

Preserving My Wealth

Our advisors have the resources and expertise to help build a plan for life's "what-ifs".

Planning for Retirement

It's never been so important to have a plan designed to help ensure the lifestyle you want, now and well into the future.

Providing for Family

Supporting a child's education or caring for an aging loved one shouldn't mean sacrificing your future.

Managing My Estate

Proper legacy and estate planning is an important step toward ensuring your loved ones are cared for and your values are preserved.

Growing My Business

Your advisor can provide access to capabilities and expertise to help with even the most complex planning needs.

What Makes Us Different

Working With a Raymond James Advisor

Trust builds from an understanding of what’s most important to you. And with a relationship that deepens over time. When you work with a Raymond James advisor, your plan is individual. Personal. And built for the long term. Each advisor is empowered with the latest technology so you get the information you need, when you need it, from virtually anywhere. From tracking all of your accounts in one secure place to access to industry-leading research, it all starts right here.

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About Raymond James

Our deliberate nature and thoughtful approach to financial planning have led to a history of strength and steady, stable growth. Our company’s conservative approach began in 1962 when Robert James put the word “Investments” after his name. And since then, Raymond James advisors have been crafting meticulously tailored, holistic financial plans to help ensure their clients can retire and realize their individual financial goals.

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Market Commentary & Research

Weekly Trends  |  April 20, 2018
Show ‘em the CURVE!

A yield curve is a line that plots interest rates, at a set point in time, of bonds having equal credit quality, often of the same issuer, but differing maturity dates. By connecting the different maturities we can see the shape of the yield curve. In a normal economic environment, short-term bond yields are lower than long-term bond yields. The most frequently reported yield curve compares maturities across US Treasury debt.

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Trends & Ideas  |  April 6, 2018
Quality for the Win

The Silk Road evokes romantic images of horse and camel caravans and adventurers like Marco Polo or Giovanni da Pian del Carpini crossing along ancient trade routes that connected Asia, Europe and Africa. Inspired from this past, China is pioneering what President Xi Jinping has called a “project of the century”, a modern day adaptation of the ancient Silk Road. In this publication, we describe this initiative, discuss the reasons behind it and concerns it is facing.

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Recent News

Recent News  |  March 7, 2018
Prostate Cancer Foundation BC Announces the Raymond James Father's Day Walk Run (June 17, 2018)

With the support of investment dealer Raymond James as the title sponsor, the Father’s Day Walk Run is celebrating its 20th anniversary raising funds and awareness for individuals and families living with prostate cancer in British Columbia.

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At Raymond James, our financial/investment advisors have the freedom to offer unbiased advice that’s right for you.