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Discover what it means to have the freedom to build your future amid a welcoming, supportive, and diverse community of top advisors.

Independence, flexibility and empowerment are key reasons why top advisors choose Raymond James.

Your Business, Your Way

We’re Canada’s largest independent financial advisory firm with over 490 advisors across 140 branches managing C$70.6 billion in client assets. And we’re only growing stronger.

Your Legacy, Done Right

We provide the flexibility and independence you need to create the best future for your clients, your team, and your business.

Succeed on Your Terms

Women remain underrepresented in the wealth management industry. We aim to help grow the community of women advisors by sharing knowledge and best practices.

Download Opportunities for Women Advisors for insights and advice from women advisors across Canada, including how to:

  • Embrace your power
  • Build your community
  • Find your balance
  • Succeed on your terms
  • Thrive in your career

Kalee Boisvert
Financial Advisor
Raymond James Ltd.

"I wish I had known sooner that embracing your differences - such as being a woman - can be a strength. There are many people out there who want to work with a woman advisor."


Kalee Boisvert

Transition Confidently

At Raymond James, we help you take charge of your future.

Whether you’re putting together a succession plan, are interested in a new business model, are looking to switch firms, or have concerns about client retention during a transition, we’re here to help you flourish.

Opportunities for Women Advisors Guide

How can you thrive as a woman in wealth management? Discover tips and best practices from women advisors across Canada.

Succession Planning Essentials Guide

Your clients, your team, your business, and your legacy – done right, succession planning benefits all of these.

Client Retention Best Practices Guide

Will your clients follow when you transition to a new firm? Learn how to prepare your clients for your move.

Business Model Guide

To find the right business model for your clients, your business, and your career, you need to determine where you can truly thrive.

How to Transition Successfully Guide

You deserve to be at a firm that will give you the support and independence you need to flourish.


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