Sophia Wealth Academy Embrace Your Financial Power

Since the first Sophia Wealth Academy opened its doors in a community gym in 2009, we have been dedicated to giving our audience the tools, strategies and wisdom they need to manage their personal financial life effectively and efficiently.

Our mission has always been twofold:

1) To inspire our audience with the highest caliber of financial speakers and topics
2) To create a community of wisdom, encouragement and mutual support

In its first iterations, Sophia Wealth Academy was a live event where women learned “everything you want to know about money – in one day!” Today, it is held online as well as in person. People attend from all over the world, and we are proud of what our community has achieved through its leadership as well as in yielding financial power both personally and professionally.

Topics vary from investing and portfolio management to financial planning and the psychology of money. We cover anything that helps you feel more confident, knowledgeable and secure about making financial decisions.

Since the beginning, we have donated our proceeds to Dress for Success – a feminist not for profit that helps women take control of their earning lives.

Our credo is that we are stronger together than apart.


The time you take to listen, share your experience, offer guidance, feedback and place your confidence in me is invaluable. I will continue on my path knowing I have you rooting for me.
Jennie B.Scientist, Vancouver, B.C.