OUR EXPERTISE Meet Our Exceptional Sophia Financial Team

Financial strategy services have evolved significantly over the past 50 years so that friends and family can no longer be viewed as the sole source of counsel on these complex and sensitive matters. More than ever, people seek expertise, wisdom and guidance for the difficult decisions they face regarding money. At Sophia Financial, not only are we proficient in financial planning and management, but we also have a foundational expertise in “what makes us tick” as human beings. Understanding the emotional and social STRESSORS that surround the relationship people have with money enables us to build the holistic financial solutions that keep our clients referring their friends and family. We are financial advisors, educators, speakers and listeners, and this translates into the design of strategies that address every aspect of each of our client's lives.

The Sophia Way engages the diversity within our relationship to build a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy, which address our varying risk tolerance as well as our mutual life goals.”
Sasson BaronTherapist and Divorce Coach, Baron Counselling