Raymond James: Conservative, pragmatic and proud of the way we do business

At Raymond James, we have a straightforward approach to doing business. We believe that putting clients’ needs first is the best way to ensure their success and, in turn, the long-term success of our advisors and the company. We call this our Service 1stSM philosophy. With our strong focus on clients and our commitment to supporting those who serve them, we’ve become known as the premier alternative to Wall Street and Bay Street in Canada, providing the products, services and support of even the largest firms, within an environment that values strong, personal relationships.

Sticking to our core principles of client first, conservatism, independence and integrity, Raymond James has steadily grown to become one of the largest independent financial services firms in the industry, but our core values ensure we’ll never be so big that we don’t have time for what matters most: you and your family.

The markets change, but our values will always be the same. Client first is at our core, supported by conservatism, independence and integrity.

When you took over our account, you presented us with a level of personal service that we had not experienced before. You took into consideration our entire financial situation and spent considerable time with us to get to know who we were as people. You prepared a retirement plan based on our goals and our risk tolerance level. You have proven to be worthy of our trust, and we look forward to our continuing relationship.
John and Ann B.Retirees, Burnaby, B.C.