Mila Popovic Client Service Assistant

Mila Popovic is known for her fierce commitment to justice and doing what is right.

She studied law at her country of origin. But as a young adult, she became caught in the Yugoslav Wars where she worked for peace support operations as an English interpreter. This allowed her expedited entry to Canada and a “mighty cold“ start in Edmonton. She attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in their IT and Systems Administration program.

She moved to Vancouver, thawed out, and launched her Canadian professional career at a philanthropic family office where she conducted financial market research and portfolio evaluation and support.

She wants to “be of service” and has a genuine affection for people. She applies the same level of observation and detective work to portfolio management and administration as she does to determining clients’ values and core needs. She is a curious seeker and in the constant pursuit of knowledge. She has an exceptional ability to master details and determine patterns to optimize efficiencies. This is a core competency in the capital markets.

For more than a decade prior to joining Sophia, Mila held the role of Portfolio Administrator at a capital management firm.

Mila finds inspiration in the beauty of art and the flavours of life. She knows the trails of local forests intimately, loves to cook and has recently begun to paint watercolours. Mila can be counted on to find the humour in any situation and is valued for her adaptable nature, determination and “get it done” attitude.