The Greek word "Sophia" means wisdom in English. Sophia is the voice that expresses our intuitive, creative nature, sees the interconnectedness of all things and honours the sacredness of all life. She is about integrity in the marketplace and the balance of head, heart and soul.

We are financial strategists building comprehensive management plans and investment portfolios that align with the personal value systems of the people we serve. We deliver financial education and investment management services in a way that traditional financial institutions cannot. 

Sophia Financial Group is founded upon five core beliefs, which guide our interactions with clients, colleagues and our community.

Sophia Financial was established on a foundation of meaningful connection. Kamal Basra and Tracy Theemes were told repeatedly by colleagues from competing financial firms that they needed to meet each other. Over a fateful coffee date, their instant alignment of values, passionate convictions about equality and the strong desire to make superior financial advice accessible and inclusive were incitive. In the wild, early days of 2009, two strong, smart, and courageous women launched Sophia Financial Group.

Some might say that the aftermath of a financial meltdown was a bad time to open an advisory firm. Tracy and Kamal thought differently. People were confused, fearful, and the economic environment was in chaos. They recognized people needed unbiased advice, compassion, and intelligent investment strategies. And that’s what they had to offer.

Sophia exists as a place where excellence, wisdom and integrity meet equal opportunity. Values guide our strategies and data informs our actions. We are proud of our community outreach and educational workshops. Our commitment to financial equality, investment management excellence and social values inspired our beginnings and will ensure our continued success.

Belief #1: Education Belief #1: Education

We believe education makes for wiser investment decisions and is at the root of empowerment. Education mitigates risk, helps to identify and communicate one’s needs, and is essential in giving people the control to make grounded choices. We continue to take courses and earn advanced professional designations to provide the highest level of intellectual input into our practice and also seek to educate our clients to the full extent that they desire. In working with Sophia Financial Group, you gain access to a quality and format of education that we believe is not provided by traditional institutions. Knowledge is power!

Belief #2: Ownership Belief #2: Ownership

We believe in taking ownership of our lives and decisions, and this is often a direct result of the empowerment that comes from education. We believe that money is a tool. You control it and not the other way around. Master the tool, and you change your world. Ownership is not about aggression or greed, but rather about recognizing we have all that we require to achieve our goals. When you take control of your money, you own your life.

Belief #3: Collaboration Belief #3: Collaboration

“We are stronger together than apart.” Sophia Financial Group fosters true collaboration within our vast network of industry experts as well as other service professionals that traditional institutions would often perceive to be “out of scope.” Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, business advisors and coaches all help us find superior solutions for our clients. We ensure that all aspects of your financial life are dealt with proactively and thoroughly. Collaboration within our client families is about developing a shared framework for making financial decisions to ensure equal participation and a holistic view of wealth and prosperity.

Belief #4: Transparency Belief #4: Transparency

We believe that transparency is fundamental to effective collaboration. Transparency means that Sophia’s clients know exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it and how much it will cost. Honesty and trust are inherent when transparency is an operational value in life and business.

Belief #5: Integrity Belief #5: Integrity

We believe that there is always a “right” decision, even though it can sometimes be difficult to make. This is what integrity feels like: the truth – whether you like it or not. When a person upholds integrity, they are able to make strong decisions that align with their core beliefs and values.

When you took over our account, you presented us with a level of personal service that we had not experienced before. You took into consideration our entire financial situation and spent considerable time with us to get to know who we were as people. You prepared a retirement plan based on our goals and our risk tolerance level. You have proven to be worthy of our trust, and we look forward to our continuing relationship.
John and Ann B.Retirees, Burnaby, B.C.