Tiffinie Green Financial Advisor Assistant

For Tiffinie Green, there is always something new to learn. Her thirst for knowledge propelled her to complete not just one, but two bachelor’s degrees! After all, once you’ve mastered psychology, why not move on to engineering and physics. Then, after you’ve figured out the mysteries of human behaviour as well as the universe, go to school again and become a documentary filmmaker. Her final project was an exploration of what people think is enough money and what they want to do with it. This curiosity also motivated her to take the Canadian Securities Course and Tiffinie was formally licensed as a financial advisor in 2023. The road was a windy one, but Sophia and our clients are the fortunate beneficiaries of Tiffinie’s expansive education and commitment to ongoing learning.

With a professional background ranging from being a software engineer on an award-winning video game (it won a BAFTA!) to technical risk assessment, reverse engineering software for a university, determining errors in code writing, patent reviews and intellectual property protection, Tiffinie brings a solid background of decision-making-based architecture for technical research and data collection. This is the basis for financial planning, investment research and strategy and their application. And, in Tiffinie’s words, “I like making money and seeing it grow”. So do our clients.

Tiffinie is passionate about easing the strain people carry by assisting them in financial planning. She loves meeting the fascinating people who visit Sophia and hearing their stories.

You will most likely hear Tiffinie laughing when you walk through our front doors, but don’t be fooled by her joyful, kind nature. She will dig deeply and relentlessly into your financial data until the salient details are unearthed and will put together the best plan possible to see that you find your way to your hopes and dreams. It is her nature.