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Catching Up

Hello friends,

It has been too long since we’ve talked. How are you doing?

At Sophia, we continue to grow and learn and progress. Yesterday, I was feeling especially proud of one of our clients. She sent numerous emails updating us about new ideas she was exploring to refashion her life. Some people (i.e. advisors) might have found this frustrating or an inefficient use of time. I was so proud of her courage and patience to “hold open the questions”. So few people are willing to sit in the tension of not knowing. And yet, the most rewarding decisions and greatest advancements are often made from a place of intense uncertainty.

I love this quote:

Our ability to grow is directly proportional to an ability to entertain the uncomfortable. [Twyla Tharp]

What questions live in you right now? And are you willing to sit with them long enough for creative and inspired ideas and plans to take shape?

Let us know what questions live in you. It’s getting time for another Sophia Wealth Laboratory, don’t you think? We can explore together.

Tracy and the Sophia Team