Our Process Nothing is left to chance

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. ~~ Warren Buffet

Just as there is a disciplined approach to how we invest on behalf of our clients, we also implement a defined process for each of our clients. Each client receives a customized and unique plan depending on their goals. How we gather all the information and provide advice has been carefully structured to create a process that addresses all your wants, needs and any gaps which may have occurred previously.

our process diagram

Once we execute your plan, we continually review results and ensure we remain aligned with your future plans and goals. We provide ongoing reporting and if changes are needed, we will make recommendations. Having regular and consistent touch points with you is critical for us so that we are knowledgeable about any changes that may impact your plan.

Contact us for a 30 minute “Ask-us-anything” meeting to discuss moving you closer to a more certain future.

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If a friend, family member, or family office has referred you to us, please email us at GrumWM@raymondjames.ca or contact us directly at +1 (403) 221-0315 to set up a confidential introductory meeting.