Education Planning Creating a plan for your children’s future

Providing for your children’s future is something most parents and grandparents consider a priority. By supporting their education, you help them to fulfil their own dreams and goals.

As with investing for your own future, starting this as soon as possible is critical, especially with today’s rising education costs and inflation. We offer a range of investment opportunities and tax effective methods to help you save for higher education. Our team will work with you to d guide you through the various alternatives, provide information on the tax benefits and risks, and provide information on how best to structure the ownership of the savings plan.


An RESP can attract up to $7,200 of federal grants, while growing tax-deferred and when your child moves on to higher education, be withdrawn tax-free.*

*Students who receive money from an RESP must claim their Educational Assistance Payment as income. Since students typically have limited income while in school, however, they may not be required to pay any income tax on this amount. This depends on individual circumstances. Your RESP provider will issue the student a T4A slip for income tax purposes.

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