Cross-Border Services Integrated Wealth Management for Canadians and Americans

For people who move between Canada and the U.S., Grum Wealth Management provides solutions for their unique and often complicated financial planning and wealth management needs. Our cross-border clients include:

  • Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Professional Athletes

As one of the Raymond James Financial family of companies, Raymond James (USA) Ltd. (RJLU), a Canadian based US registered investment firm, offers integrated cross-border wealth management solutions to Americans living in Canada and Canadians living in the US.

As an RJLU advisor, Grum Wealth Management is licensed and regulated in both Canada and the US. This removes some of the restrictions and limitations of other wealth management advisors. By being registered in both countries, we offer an overall wealth management solutions that takes into account your entire portfolio. We work closely with you to develop strategies for your personal needs and your cross-border accounts.

Integrated professional networks

We understand the challenges cross-border Canadian and American citizens encounter. We have established strong connections with other cross-border professionals who we can call upon to assist with areas such as tax, trust and estate planning, planning, legal services,  insurance and immigration.

Through RJLU, our US residents clients are able to hold both Canadian and US currency accounts. This allows Canadian equities and Canadian dollar denominated fixed income to be added to client portfolios without having to settle in US currency, thus avoiding foreign exchange spreads. US clients can gain expert access to quality Canadian investment grade instruments with our assistance.


First, Raymond James (USA) Ltd., "RJLU", unlike most investment firms registered with FINRA and the SEC, operates in and across Canada. RLJU is a subsidiary of Raymond James Financial (NYSE:RJF) and has completed an exemption from registration application in Canada to be able to help American citizens living across Canada.

Second, at Raymond James (USA) Ltd., you'll find an experienced advisor who is registered in both Canada and the United States.

We manage accounts for our clients including:

  • RRSPs and RRIFs for Canadians living in the US.
  • IRAs for Americans living in Canada.
  • Investments for Americans wanting Canadian securities.
  • Investment accounts for US-resident children of Canadian-resident parents.

For case studies of the types of cross border situations we can assist with, click here.

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