"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." ~ Benjamin Franklin

We provide customized portfolio management and tailored wealth solutions to families, business owners, and professionals as well as cross-border wealth management solutions to Americans living in Canada and Canadians living in the U.S.  Our team takes a disciplined approach to equity selection on a global scale, helping you achieve your long-term financial goals.

"From a professional perspective, Matias is very competent and he obviously has the expertise which is critical. He's excellent at identifying the specific decisions which need to be made and at listening to any concerns I might have. He's always willing to explain things. I've come across some advisors who can be patronizing at times and I've never had that sense with Matias. He's been managing my portfolio for about 12 years. I trust him completely and feel he has my best interests at heart. It's also very apparent that he cares about my family and me and our situation."
~~ Mark S., Client