Mission Statement

Cap Wealth Management is dedicated to helping select professionals, business owners, and retirees envision, understand, and achieve their most fulfilling lives possible. As an integral member of our clients’ strategic team, we provide investment management, and financial and estate planning expertise.

Guiding Principles

  • Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile goals. Clarity of vision, competency of design, commitment to excellence, and courage in execution, are the cornerstones of success.
  • The most effective solutions come from knowing the ‘whole person,’ not just facets of their overall situation.
  • Whenever possible, utilize those who have core competencies beyond the scope of your own.
  • The significance of one’s accomplishments is greatly enhanced by the quality and enjoyment of the journey. Listening, understanding, and empowering can lead to exceptional results.

Cap Wealth Management’s holistic approach addresses much more than the pure mechanics of investing well. It’s about helping you and your family, live your most fulfilling lives possible. After all, isn’t that what really matters? Consider the following story…

Seeing the Elephant

In ancient days, a wise man asked six blind men to encircle a large beast and describe it in detail. Stepping forward, the first blind man took hold of the trunk and declared it was a great snake. The second wrapped his arms around a leg and thought it was like a tree. The third man grasped the tail and exclaimed that it was a rope. The fourth grabbed an ear and likened it to a great fan. The fifth felt along a tusk and was certain it was a large spear. The sixth man’s hands examined the massive side of the beast and became convinced it was a wall. A great argument ensued. The wise man then explained how each man’s perspective was valid in the details, yet erroneous overall. Though each man could explain his assigned area in great detail, none had gained the perspective necessary to accurately describe the elephant in its entirety.

In the same way, advisors typically approach clients with a focus that is too narrow. Although they may be well intentioned and quite proficient in their particular discipline, their recommendations are often based solely on the limited way they “see the elephant.”

Cap Wealth Management believes that meaningful progress toward your ideal outcomes can best be achieved when all your advisors (accountant, lawyer, investment advisor, etc.) clearly understand your vision and the role they each play in helping you make it become reality. Creating complete, ideal solutions requires all of your advisors to collaborate, share pertinent information and focus on accomplishing what is most important to you.