Kibaale Project

Woman with children

Since 1993, the Kibaale Community Centre has been transforming lives in the Rakai District of Uganda by providing healthcare, development resources and a quality Christian education to the neediest of the needy. Each of the 1500 nursery, primary, secondary and vocational students are chosen from the most disadvantaged homes in a region that has been devastated by AIDS and extreme poverty. The care each of these children receives from dedicated staff members allows them to overcome their challenging circumstances and improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Another way this project cares for children is through the Child-Sponsorship Program where individuals and families in the West provide monthly support to a specific student at the school. The sponsorship money allows each child to receive a uniform, a daily meal, medical care and a quality education, and while meeting these physical needs is important, the sponsorship program provides even more lasting benefits. The education students receive at Kibaale Community not only equips them for academic success, it also introduces them to the love of God. When students feel loved by God and their sponsors they have hope for the future; this hope leads to the transformation of individuals and their communities.

Kuwasha International Development Society has chosen to partner with Kibaale Community Centre because of the evident love for needy children. We are proud to support the life-changing work of this project and thank you for your continued support.