Recipients of the The Raymond James Entrepreneurial Leader Award

Micah Morgan
2018-2019 Recipient
Amanda Romero Rivas
2017-2018 Recipient
Emma Nelson
2016-2017 Recipient
Caleb Milke
2015-2016 Recipient
Cindy-Leigh Meyer
2014-2016 Recipient
Kenton Jarvie
2013-2014 Recipient
Jen Swan
2013-2014 Recipient
Claire Pedersen
2012-2013 Recipient
Jeremy Cockrill
2012-2013 Recipient
James Farenhorst
2011-2012 Recipient
Tabitha Ewert
2010-2011 Recipient
Greg Reinhart
2010-2011 Recipient
Breanna Siebring
2010-2011 Recipient
Brady Schlecker
2009-2010 Recipient
Christian Dent
2008-2009 Recipient

“To have received your scholarship means the world to me. I came to TWU knowing I would have to trust God with everything I have. Thank you so much for making my dream possible.”