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Decades of Experience devoted to protecting investors

In my years working on the ‘buy side’ – at mutual fund companies and investment managers, where financial advisors were my clients – I learned that a smart, caring advisor is a rare and precious thing. When I became an advisor myself I pledged to be that rarest of breeds.

My decades of experience as a mutual fund and hedge fund analyst allowed me to witness first-hand how the best fund managers manage their portfolios. There are few investment styles I haven’t seen. I know what works, and what doesn’t. I have brought funds to market from scratch. As an advisor, now I take that experience and apply it to clients’ portfolios on a daily basis.

I am motivated by a strong desire to help people in their daily lives. In particular, I don’t like to see people get taken advantage of, whether by fraud, bad advice, or high fees. My time as a hedge fund analyst was satisfying because I helped protect investors from unsuitable financial products. As an advisor I have had the opportunity to help older investors salvage their retirement savings by getting out of bad products, and I have spoken to seniors’ groups about how to protect themselves from bad advice. Caring for clients is a grounding passion for me.

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