Our Investment Philosophy

The strategy we choose together for your investments is based on your unique circumstances, needs, risk tolerance, and goals. Investments are a prominent part of our wealth management services, but your financial security and peace of mind are more important.

Our decades of experience in the investment industry give us a unique perspective on what makes a reasonable investment. We prefer to keep portfolios simple, selecting stocks for clients’ core equity portfolios, and fixed income funds for risk management and diversification. We also have the expertise to select best-of-breed external money managers for select clients who qualify as accredited investors.

It is our view that mutual funds are appropriate for smaller accounts, or beginner investors. Larger accounts can benefit from the attention of a personal portfolio manager, managing your individual accounts as if they were your own custom fund.

Stock Selection

Our stock selection focuses on mid- to large-capitalization companies traded on public North American markets. We expect a 1-3 year holding period, thus portfolio turnover is typically less than 50% per year.

Our process has three components, and we look for all three in every buy decision we make:

  • VALUE – This is your portfolio’s defence. We try to purchase stocks when they are on sale, when they are unloved and have already experienced a significant decline in price. These companies are supported by a healthy balance sheet, investment-grade credit, and improving earnings.
  • GROWTH – This is your portfolio’s offence. Strong management, healthy cash flow, and positive industry dynamics are characteristics of this component. These companies are likely to outperform the market and their peers.
  • MOMENTUM – This is your portfolio’s special teams. We pay attention to price movements in order to improve the timing of buys and sells.

Client portfolios are built to ideally withstand poor markets, but they tend to underperform in “hot” markets. This is fine with us – we are patient and prefer to avoid unnecessary risks.


Independence is critically important if you are looking for best-in-class advice.

Raymond James Ltd. does not incentivize us to recommend one product over another, so we are free to make unbiased recommendations that are in your sole best interest. Likewise, we do not select investments from a list. We are free to do what is best for you, as true fiduciaries.