Guidance for the big picture and finer details

A refined perspective on money management

Every person has unique wealth management needs. Our approach enables us to offer a customized strategy to every client.


We come to a full understanding of your circumstances, needs, risk tolerance, and goals. We guard your information with extreme care.


Together we develop a holistic strategy, including cash flow, account types, investments, tax efficiency, and ongoing reporting and review. We will coordinate with professionals such as your accountant or lawyer, or recommend ones we trust.


We put your strategy into action.


We report to you regularly, and meet with you as often as required to keep your goals on track.

For your investments, our first priority is minimizing losses. We build diversified portfolios, and only invest when we believe the opportunity for gain is much greater than the risk of loss.

Discretionary Management

We are licensed to manage money on a discretionary basis, which means we can buy and sell investments on your behalf without a “call from your broker”, just as a mutual fund manager would. Most of our clients prefer this model because it frees them to focus on their life priorities. We charge a flat percentage fee based on account size for our services, which covers all investment, planning, and cash flow services we provide. The management fee may be tax deductible for non-registered accounts.


Independence is critically important if you are looking for best-in-class advice. Raymond James Ltd. does not incentivize us to recommend one product over another, so we are free to make unbiased recommendations that are in your sole best interest. Likewise, we do not select investments from a list. We are free to do what is best for you, as true fiduciaries.