Contego Wealth Management

Contego, means “ to safeguard, to protect” in Latin. This is at the heart of what we strive to do.

At Contego, our investment philosophy has never been defined by the traditional. We are indeed not like everyone else.

We craft strong portfolios by incorporating strategies that are not correlated to traditional stocks and bonds. This helps reduce your chance of loss, reduces your volatility, and provides you with a much better opportunity to achieve consistent returns. Combining this with our strong focus on tax-efficiency provides a very compelling wealth management service for our clients.

Our portfolios have much in common with the SMART MONEY portfolios of renowned institutions and endowments. These groups deploy their capital in a way that is entirely different than the average investor.

Does your portfolio look like it was designed by SMART MONEY?

If you’re looking for something better feel free to reach out.

Tuesday July 25th is our first Contego Wealth Management Special Hockey Charity Golf Classic in support of the Ottawa Valley Ambassadors of Special Hockey International.

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