Welcome to a holistic approach to wealth management

Contego (Latin): To Safeguard, to protect.

Our Vision: To be the trusted wealth management team for affluent investors seeking professional advice and the highest level of service.

Our Mission: We make a positive impact in our clients’ lives by building long lasting relationships and tailoring solutions to protect and enhance their wealth over their lifetime.

Where we begin, depends on where you want to end up.

Our role extends far beyond investment advice. Our holistic approach to wealth management has a strong focus on planning; retirement planning, tax/estate planning, charitable giving/legacy planning are all areas we dive into before talking about investments. We like to develop a deep understanding of your unique financial situation, and develop a bespoke financial plan which lays out how, and when, you will achieve your financial goals. Once we have a strong understanding of where you want to end up, we then develop an investment portfolio to get you there in the least volatile, and most tax-efficient way possible. As registered discretionary Portfolio Managers we have access to, and incorporate many of the “different” investment strategies employed by pension and endowment funds for decades. It is our fiduciary duty to you, our client, to consider these numerous asset classes when constructing our portfolios. At Contego, our investment philosophy has never been defined by the traditional. We are indeed not like everybody else.


There’s more to your financial life than just investments. Comprehensive planning encompasses an in-depth review and analysis of all aspects of your financial life – to help you see the big picture and enable us to personalize a plan for addressing every detail.

The real pleasure of one's life is the devotion to a great objective of one's consideration.
George Bernard Shaw
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