What Clients Say

"Thank you for all the time you have spent training and educating me on the various challenges and opportunities of investing in my future. Your informal sessions have been great and really appreciate your patience and attention, and your understanding of my issues. I’m sure I will need a few more lessons in the future!"


"Garry and Contego Wealth Management team have been our family’s financial advisors for many years of successful investing. Our daughters are now managing their own accounts with the continuing support and guidance of Garry and the team. They have helped each of us determine our own unique investment strategy based on a solid risk management approach and thinking outside the box. Thanks so much Garry and Contego"

– CC

"Garry and the Contego Team have an exceptional understanding of some of the more advanced financial products available and how to leverage them effectively to meet my goals. Garry clearly loves what he does. In the past, as an advanced investor, I’ve only worked with financial advisors to access products that I could not with a discount broker. Garry has educated me in areas of risk reduction, tax efficiency, alternative investments and dealing with market/interest rate correlation. I’ve received great value from Garry and his team. Thank you Garry for your friendship, great discussion and excellent after tax returns."

– MF, Ottawa, ON

"Trevor has been the financial advisor that has exceeded my expectations and has put me in a situation of financial security, by building my portfolio that matched my needs. He is always available to answer any questions that I may have, and can explain to me what is going on in the world financial markets, in words that I can understand. Trevor and Contego Wealth Management is who I can trust to make the smart financial decisions for me and my future."

– DM, Ottawa, ON