A breadth of services to serve a variety of needs

Streamlined solutions for a lifetime of needs

For some, choosing a financial advisor may be a difficult chore. With that in mind, our team does all it can to make this a pleasant experience for you. Our approach is friendly, professional and open.

The aim of the first meeting is for all parties to learn more about each other and determine if the relationship will be a good fit. This meeting is typically face-to-face, but can be done over the phone if necessary.

After the initial meeting, we will contact you to go over any questions you may have that arose from our first discussion. If at this point you would like to proceed with our team, we will schedule a meeting to open your accounts and establish the investment strategy that is right for you.

Once the investment strategy has been implemented, we will monitor your portfolio on a continuous basis and contact you either to update you on performance, remind you of deadlines such as RRSP contribution deadlines, or to discuss recommended changes to your portfolio. If you have any questions or concerns about your portfolio, we are available to you by phone and email typically from 6:30 AM and any voicemails will be replied to promptly. Some clients prefer to have little involvement within the decision making process and others much more. Dee-Ann’s patient approach to educating her clients has proven to be effective. Over time we find this approach increasingly engages our clients in the decision making process and helps them in understanding the long-term picture.

We grow our business primarily through referrals, although you don’t need a referral to become one of our valued clients. This means we are able to spend all of our time caring for our existing clients rather than marketing our business. The highest compliment a client can give is an introduction to their family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for your trust.