Investor Offerings


In the Ottawa and Kanata Corporate branches, we proactively help and support our advisors in their day-to-day efforts to deliver the best possible products, advice and services to their clients. We do this by integrating and leveraging the full power of Raymond James and our experts across Canada and the United States. And it is further cemented by having great people working together to accomplish great things.

At the core this is what the Ottawa and Kanata Corporate branches and the people who work here are all about.


Knowledge can be your most valuable asset. Raymond James and your financial advisor are ready and able to offer you a wealth of information and insight about wealth strategy, investing, today's economy and the financial markets.

At the Ottawa and Kanata Corporate branches, we’ve taken this a step further. We're partnering with professionals, organizations and associations that represent like-minded clients, where we can provide specific advice and insight into the issues and challenges that face business owners, corporate executives, retirees and families.