Comprehensive guidance to support your needs

Cultivating a higher degree of accomplishment - driven by your dreams

At Cochrane Wealth Management, we serve our clients who need, demand and deserve the undivided attention of top-level wealth counselors.  We have dedicated our practice to them and around their needs, allowing us to manage their financial assets and provide sound financial advice; insightful analysis of goal planning and monitoring; and programs that will prepare a framework for their financial future.

We will identify your goals and then create a strategy and roadmap that will identify the process required to achieve those goals. We will focus on both your assets and your liabilities, and provide a pathway for the management of your multi-faceted financial affairs.

Our greatest strength at Cochrane Wealth Management is our people. We develop deeply personal relationships with our clients and provide a level of service that exceeds the highest expectations. We are committed to growing and protecting your hard-earned wealth, and understand your unique, and often, complicated requirements. This enables us to offer a wealth management strategy that is truly personal to you.

Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.
Charles F. Kettering