A breadth of services to serve a variety of needs

Roadmap Objectives

A comprehensive roadmap entails planning for your future with a tax minimization focus while also planning to ensure your wealth is properly transitioned to future owners when you are gone. We deal with the leading providers of insurance, accounting and legal services. We will work with you to develop solutions in all areas of personal and corporate financial roadmapping and risk management.

Protecting Your Family

Mitigating your risk should be a key component to any roadmap plan. We incorporate analyses for life insurance, living benefits (such as disability insurance, critical illness, long term care, health & dental) and estate planning insurance.

Protecting Your Business

We offer various financial tools for your small business and employees, such as retirement planning, shareholder agreements, insurance planning, and investment diversification. We also offer transition of shares between generations, and advice for professionals looking to incorporate their practice.

Protecting Your Retirement

Accumulating retirement assets in a tax-efficient manner and ensuring that you will not outlive your income are typical retirement planning concerns. We work with you to determine what level of savings you need to make in order to reach your goals.

Protecting Your Estate

We can help you determine which tools will work best to help ensure that your assets are managed and transferred to your heirs with minimum inconvenience and expenses, while minimizing the impact of taxes for your estate.

Protecting Your Legacy

We understand your desire to support worthy organizations and give back to your community. We can help you to identify numerous financial benefits, such as immediate tax deductions and capital gains savings, so that your charitable contributions are maximized and your personal financial goals are attained.

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