Why Us?

Older man consulting a family

Why should you consider The Wealth Strategists?

We will let our clients tell you for us.We hire outside resources to give us feedback. In a recent online survey clients told us:

  • 100% are satisfied with The Wealth Strategists
  • 98% agree we take the time to understand financial needs & concerns
  • 96% of our clients would refer us to others
  • 93% agree they can make informed decisions about their financial future
  • 93% agree our range of services meets their financial needs
  • 91% agree we provide value beyond investment performance

Characteristics clients labelled us with in another bit of research:

  • Holistic – We look at the whole picture before piecing everything together. This process makes clients feel empowered.
  • Clarity – We take the time to explain things, we simplify financial concepts and talk in plain, everyday language
  • Team – We are considered part of their team. Also, clients appreciate that we work as a team to take care of their needs.
  • Devoted – We are attentive, prepared and engaged in client meetings
  • Enthusiastic – We offer positive support
  • Non-judgmental – We receive personal information as facts and do not judge our client’s unique situations
  • Caring – We really listen to our clients, and it makes each individual feel valued

After they have gone through our in-depth financial planning process, our clients feel confidence in what to do and empowered to move on through their life.