We Collaborate

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With the experts you need when you need them.

Not only are we part of your financial team, but we also have a team of specialists we work with to assist you in the implementation, execution and administration associated with all your financial needs.

Of course, we are always pleased to work with any valued and trusted experts you may have, but in case you need a resource we have hand-picked a number of quality professionals that we can introduce you to if it is appropriate for your situation. These resources include:

  • Accountants (i.e., corporate, personal, tax returns)
  • Tax specialists (i.e., lawyers and accountants)
  • Mortgage specialists

As a financial planning firm, we have a choice between working for someone or being independent. We have chosen independence. Regardless of which choice we make, we are required to have a dealership to sponsor our securities license. We choose to be independent with Raymond James Ltd., sponsoring our license. By sponsoring our license, they ensure that we remain compliant for security purposes and administer all of our portfolios and investments.

Raymond James Ltd. offers an independent platform where there is no requirement to sell proprietary products or services. Raymond James Ltd. does not tell us which products to sell or support. We are totally independent in our product selection. This relationship provides us with access to a full range of products and services, enabling us to recommend a portfolio that suits your needs rather than offering the “product of the month.”