We Offer

Older man consulting a family

Wealth building, preservation, distribution

We believe that wealth is a process, one of building it, preserving it and then distributing it.

  • Our Wealth Preservation Process focuses on putting an overall plan in place to protect you from the uncontrollable – death, sickness, taxes, inflation, fear and greed. With this plan we can focus on:

    • Retirement planning
    • Tax-friendly retirement spending
    • Answer common questions:
      • Do I have enough?
      • Am I paying too much in taxes?
      • What is my rate of return?
      • Is my family protected if I die?
      • Are my assets protected if I become sick or disabled?
    • Keeping you focused during times of uncertainty
  • Transitioning wealth into income and utilization is an important stage where planning actually becomes reality.

    And of course, we also offer a full range of estate planning and administration, including:

    • Legacy and estate planning
    • Tax planning
    • Strategy sessions with key people (e.g., family members, trust companies, etc.)
    • Charitable gift planning.

We have developed a proprietary process as well as some tools to purposefully lead our clients through a clarifying and empowering experience.

Some clients work with us in all three areas, others in just one or two, depending on their specific needs.