We Are

Older man consulting a family

We hold our clients’ best interests at heart.

At The Wealth Strategists we are committed to building competency in our clients, so that they can pursue their lives with confidence.

We do this through a financial planning process like you have never experienced before. It is a purposeful, thoughtful, in-depth, strategic approach that is completely focused on you, and what your family needs, desires and believes.


Wealth Advisor

As principal of The Wealth Strategists, Craig has over 30+ years experience in the financial services sector. He spent the first 14 years of his career managing branches for major banking institutions. His desire to work more closely with clients to achieve their goals motivated him to move into independent financial planning. He authored the book Make Wealth Happen outlining the 5 elements of the Wealth Equation™ – time, health, wisdom, relationships and reputation. Craig’s passion is to work closely with individuals applying the Wealth Equation to all areas of their life.

Telephone: 403-543-1511


And of course, Craig is supported by a high-caliber administration team.