Sophisticated wealth management

Strategic insight and tactical support for foundations

At Skillen Investment Management, we work with and support local foundations to help achieve the financial goals of your endowed funds through extensive investment planning and portfolio management. We will work closely with your foundation’s board of directors or investment committee to develop an appropriate asset mix and ensure effective management of the foundation’s assets. In addition to helping your foundation manage endowed funds, we also believe in supporting our local foundations to help make the community a better place. This desire to give back to the community is shared by Raymond James employees across Canada through the Raymond James Canada Foundation.

Since its inception in 2012, the Raymond James Canada Foundation and employees have supported over 1,000 charities across Canada, and funded in excess of $6.8 million dollars in communities that we live and work in. In May 2019, Raymond James colleagues across Canada volunteered 3,330 hours within their communities, served 3,230 meals and donated 4,000 personal care items. Over 153 organizations benefitted from the efforts of Raymond James volunteers. Raymond James has been recognized by Imagine Canada as a caring company for signing the corporate citizenship commitment and demonstrating leadership in community support in Canada.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help your foundation.

We are well-versed in the singular challenges faced by endowments and nonprofits, and understand the responsibilities required to manage significant assets, while adhering to your organization’s mandate. We also understand the importance of your work and your desire to uphold your foundation’s mission in the years to come.

Our team serves as an extension of the investment committee and provides critical support in helping to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities. We help our clients implement strategies designed to effectively manage their portfolio, stewardship duties and spending policy needs.

Through tactical asset allocation, we develop adaptable portfolios that seek to meet the objectives of your Investment Policy Statement. Our advisors tap into our extensive resources and conduct objective research to find investment opportunities that we believe are worthwhile, align with your values and contribute to the sustainability of your foundation.

Our relationship with you and your organization is ongoing, and we are diligent in monitoring and rebalancing portfolios to help ensure they stay consistent with your long-term goals. We’re as deeply invested in your foundation’s success as you are.

Services Include

  • Due Diligence and Research
  • Selection of Institutional-Class Managers
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Portfolio Management and Rebalancing
  • Spending policy needs, portfolio reviews and stewardship documentation
  • Knowledgeable support and guidance on regulatory standards

Through the Raymond James Canada Foundation, we can also provide the following services:

  • Endowment Fund management outsourcing
  • Services provided to CRA registered charities, public and private foundations
  • IPS generation and day-to-day management, CRA reporting, tax receipting and gift administration and gift acceptance of endowment fund donations.