Working with Shawn Dunbar

Your portfolios, as well as your financial and estate plans, are specifically designed to fit your individual circumstances and to meet your goals. Your input is central to this process and allows my team and I to ensure the plan we create fits your needs. At Raymond James Ltd., we are not pressured to sell any particular investment products; our recommendations are based entirely on the information we gather from you and on our independent research.

We believe in value-based investing, a style inspired by famous investors Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. Value investors buy shares in companies that trade at a low price compared to the net value of their assets and earnings, and we are constantly on the lookout for such quality, undervalued companies. This strategy allows us to keep risk to a minimum without sacrificing performance. We further reduce risk by choosing companies in various market sectors in order to diversify portfolios, and by employing options strategies. The equity markets can be volatile but our focus is to reduce volatility while striving to achieve market returns or better with this lower cost, diversified, value-based strategy.

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Our combined years in the financial services industry provide you with a seasoned team and a level of knowledge necessary to help you pursue your financial goals and objectives.


Your important financial affairs should only be left to those with not only proven expertise but also the ability to apply it effectively in pursuit of your goals and objectives.


There are many aspects to investing. We provide a depth of ability and resources to match your needs and to help you make the most of each investment opportunity.


Established in 1962, Raymond James has grown to become one of the largest, most well-respected independent financial services companies in North America.