Kalee Boisvert
Kalee Boisvert, MBA Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor

Meet Kalee Boisvert, Financial Advisor, Speaker, Author, MBA

I’ve been in the financial industry for over 12 years, but my love of money started very young. Growing up in a single parent household, I watched my mom struggle with finances and wished there was something I could do to help. I also realized that I needed to find my own way to save and earn if I wasn’t going to allow my circumstances to define me. And so, my own journey into financial literacy and wealth management began.

I decided that no woman should ever have to feel anxious about having enough money to support themselves, their family, or their future. I chose to become a financial advisor to empower and support women to put an end to their money-related stress.

This is my absolute passion - creating new possibilities in people's lives by showing them the ropes when it comes to money. I’m here to spark healthy and positive conversations around wealth and investment and help create a world where nobody is limited by their financial situation. I believe this begins with education and shifting our relationships with money.

I love walking beside clients as they achieve their most ambitious goals and create new possibilities for themselves and their families.