What Client Say

We have worked with Isabel since she started with Mr. J. Gallagher, and experienced her talents and true passion for the business. Isabel has a sincere interest in doing well for her clients, and we have benefited by her service. Since taking over the business she has proven her talents and passion for her clients and continues to keep us informed and up to date. It is always a pleasure when we meet to discuss our future outlook. We look forward to a continued prosperous future with her and the team.

- Klaus and Gina



Isabel has been looking after my investments and retirement plan since 2015 but my family’s involvement with her goes back to her early days at Raymond James. Isabel capably looked after my Parents finances and continues to look after not only mine, but my Siblings, my Partner, our Children, and some friends. She BUILDS TRUST by; listening to what you have to say, asks pertinent questions to help you refine your goals, and is not afraid to respectfully challenge misguided assumptions and then offer practical solutions. I always feel Isabel works in the best interest of her Clients, even when it may not be the most profitable solution for her. In addition to trust she respects her Clients, never rushes a conversation, is incredibly responsive to questions and queries, and is always there when you need her.

- Alex



Over the years I have recommended Isabel to several of my friends and ALL of them have called me back on more than one occasion to thank me for the referral. I think that says it all.

- Doug



My retirement goal was to have a long, comfortable and totally worry-free retirement, with no compromise in lifestyle and no real concern about ever running out of money. And, to be able to help my grandchildren during my lifetime or as legacies to them. Isabel’s investment management skills have played a major role in realizing these goals.

- John