“Knowledge is empowerment. Engaging in the expansion of other people's knowledge is self-empowerment.”
–Terra Setterstrom

Empowerment is the nurturing of self-confidence through the growth of personal knowledge and understanding. In the realm of personal finances, this empowerment allows individuals to consistently make the very best choices for their financial well-being. It is my belief that clients always make better decisions when they are well informed and understand the potential of their choices.

As a professional financial advisor, I have two major commitments. First, I must help empower my clients by sharing knowledge that complements their ability to make sound financial decisions, and secondly, I must develop a financial format that is capable of meeting the client’s needs. It is always my responsibility to empower individuals who trust my abilities to manage their investments and who also trust my guidance in helping them attain their financial goals. I work for you and with you to ensure we achieve the goals we have established for you. Increasing your knowledge and understanding – empowering you as a client – makes us better partners in our financial journey. This is the purpose of empowerment in healthy relationships.

As an ongoing process, I am continually expanding my own knowledge base so that I can offer my client, the very best support available in the financial industry.