What Our Clients Say

Our success is your success. Read what our clients say about us:

"Our trust company has been dealing with Kim for the past seven years. We have always found her to be professional, knowledgeable. From our perspective as a corporate trustee, we appreciate her independent and unbiased investment recommendations as opposed to pushing clients into proprietary products. She has always been prompt in responding to our queries and implementing our investment instructions without delays. Communication has been excellent. We would highly recommend Kim to other clients because of her high level of expertise."

Henry – Calgary, AB, Canada

"I first met Kim years ago when I decided to dip my toe into the world of stock market trading. While my initial investment was small, Kim made me feel like a valuable client, and her guidance and support were fantastic. Since then, I have transferred all my investments to Kim’s team, which is a clear sign of the trust she has earned and of my confidence in her ability to achieve strong returns while also mitigating risks from my portfolio. Kim is friendly, knowledgeable and very responsive. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for sound investment advice and support."

David – Vancouver, BC, Canada

"My association with Inglis Private Investment Counsel began even before I talked to them about investing. I had read many of Kim’s newspaper articles and liked her thinking. When we first met to discuss my investments, Kim's ideas for my portfolio told me she was the kind of advisor I needed. Since then all of the team’s decisions have confirmed it."

Douglas – Victoria, BC, Canada

"My experience working with Inglis Private Investment Counsel has always been very positive. I chose to work with them due to their knowledge and experience in the industry. They always respond immediately to any requests for transactions or information. I would recommend them as I have always found them to be very honest and up front about any and all investment opportunities."

Steve – North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I chose Inglis Private Investment Counsel because I was looking for innovative ideas as opposed to the standard opportunities presented by most parties. I have been impressed by the different opportunities presented. The discussion around the opportunities has been very informed and detailed."

Tom – Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I was first introduced to Kim Inglis through an article she wrote in the Whistler Question newspaper many years ago. She was knowledgeable and her way of describing things made it easy to understand. The biggest reasons why I chose to work with Kim were her skills in her field, her patience to explain everything, both on the phone and in person and her pleasant & personal ways. I felt (and feel) that no question is a stupid question! I also wanted good service and someone that would make good decisions with my money. I am always surprised at how important I feel as her client. Kim has taken the time to understand my background and my needs so the investments that she suggests hit home. I am very pleased about that. She also always put in as much time with me that she thinks I need. I would definitely recommend Inglis Private Investment Counsel. I feel secure knowing my investments are under the best care, without actually having to put too much effort in myself!"

Sofia – Stockholm, Sweden

"My experience with Inglis Private Investment Counsel has been a very positive one. Kim Inglis, my advisor, is extremely conscientious, works within the framework of what's best for me and always responds to my emails or phone calls. I feel very confident with the way she manages my portfolio."

Helen – Toronto, ON, Canada