We work with individuals, families and institutions. We help our clients achieve their financial goals by identifying needs and providing solutions.

Who we work with:

  • Entrepreneurs, corporate executives and wealth creators
  • Professionals
  • Philanthropic families
  • Transitioning families
  • Affluent families
  • Family offices
  • Institutions and corporations
  • Charities and foundations
  • Newly single women
  • Liquidity event beneficiaries

Our clients want us to manage complexity in a way that is completely tailored to them.

The households we serve are often comprised of multiple generations, so we do not impose a minimum account size.  We feel it is just as important to work with our clients’ children and grandchildren as it is to works with the parents.  We do, however, limit ourselves to a maximize number of households in order to maintain our high levels of service.

Our services are based on a flat fee percentage of assets under management. Under this scenario we can use a multitude of investments from a variety of companies and trade as often or as few times as necessary. Our Advanced Planning services are also included in this cost. Our costs are competitive and transparent; we provide all of our clients with full written disclosure on investment management costs.

We have a vast array of products we can use and are not tied to any one company. In all, we have the ability to use whatever service, product or program that works best for your situation. Such products may include:

  • Common shares
  • American Depository Receipts (ADRs)
  • Rights and warrants
  • Preferred shares
  • Government bonds, notes, bills
  • Government agency, crown corporation, and government sponsored or guaranteed securities
  • Corporate bonds, debentures, and notes
  • Convertible bonds/debentures
  • Real return bonds, floating rate bonds, strip bonds, coupons
  • Conventional money market instruments, including T-bills, Banker’s Acceptances, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper, money market mutual funds
  • Mutual funds / hedge funds / pooled funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Principal Protected Notes (PPNs) and other structured products
  • Private Placements

Raymond James Ltd. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). The Canadian Investor Protection Fund provides coverage of the cash and securities we hold on your behalf, for a maximum loss of $1 million for combined types of accounts. This level of protection is standard within the industry. For coverage calculation purposes under this plan, certain types of accounts are combined. For example, taxable investment accounts would be combined and covered to a maximum of $1 million; a Registered Retirement Savings Plan held by the same individual would be covered as a separate account to a maximum of $1 million. It is important to note that coverage is provided against losses arising only from Member Firm insolvency issues; it does not cover market-driven investment losses. For further details on Canadian Investor Protection Fund coverage, ask for a copy of the CIPF brochure or visit its website at

At Raymond James, we pride ourselves on our commitment to placing clients' needs first and we have developed a number of safeguards to ensure the protection of client assets held at our firm. Learn more here

We manage segregated portfolios, and do not pool client funds. Segregated portfolios allow our clients to invest in an identical manner yet hold their securities separately, rather than in a communal pool. This choice also enables us to build a customized investment solution for you.

Yes, our clients access their account holdings, transaction history, research and related information, online statements and trade confirmations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our secure online portal.

We communicate with our clients as much as they need, according to their individual preferences and circumstances. At minimum, we update our clientsthrough:

  • Monthly portfolio updates that detail any key highlights from the month, current portfolio strategy/positioning, and the rationale behind any trades that were made.
  • Comprehensive quarterly reporting, which includes a full valuation, record of transactions, and the performance of the portfolio.
  • Bi-annual portfolio reviews where we revisit investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and constraints to ensure that they continue to be in line with our clients’ unique goals and objectives.

Changes are made as often as needed to meet your goals. Clients in our Private Investment Management Group program grant us discretionary authorization on a continuous basis. This means that we are able to act in your best interests whenever the need arises.

We create personalized Investment Policy Statements (IPS) for all of our clients. Each unique IPS defines the framework that will guide the investment decision process and establishes the prudent and appropriate basis for the management of your account. We do, however, apply our strategic investment philosophy and approach to every client’s account. 

Through the IPS, our client portfolios reflect their unique needs and preferences while also reflecting our consistent investment approach.

Our clients choose us for our intelligent approach to managing wealth:

  • We focus on what matters
    • Preserving your wealth
    • Maintaining & enhancing your lifestyle
    • Establishing your legacy
  • Advanced planning
    • Personalized solutions
    • Focus on tax efficiency
    • Collaborative approach
    • Complete confidentiality in all matters
  • Optimized portfolio construction
    • Preservation of capital
    • Reasonable growth
    • Maintaining objectivity
  • Stability, resources & expertise
    • Experienced team
    • Leading independent global firm
    • Scope & scale
  • Breadth of services
    • Communication
    • Service
    • Highly personalized