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Our Clients

Our clients are people who value giving back to their community and who appreciate candid conversations that may not always be easy but are necessary to achieve their goals.

At Willow Wealth Management of Raymond James Ltd., we take the time to get to know you, your individual circumstances and your financial goals. We look at your financial situation on a comprehensive basis and our services go well beyond just your portfolio.

Our goal is not only to take care of your money, but to help you feel confident, secure and empowered through life’s stages and transitions.

“From the initial meeting with Kirsty I felt like someone actually listened to my needs and fears, especially since I had no real understanding of the investment world. These included a long list of questions and subsequent answers that helped me better understand the options and consequences of each important decision being made on my behalf. Kirsty ALWAYS makes time to explain, examine, and deliver what are the best options for me.

I am more than grateful for her favourable financial decisions as well as the straightforward conversations we have had regarding my situation. I always leave her office knowing that this woman is the real deal and that I absolutely trust her.

Thank you Kirsty for believing in me and for your beautiful, generous, heart. You and your wonderful assistant Jill, take business to a whole new level!”
–Sam Melnyk
Victoria, BC

“We are so glad to have Kirsty looking after our investments. I just retired a year ago and she’s helped us prepare and plan for that. She’s given us wise advice over the years and helped us achieve our financial goals.

She’s also gone above and beyond our expectations by helping us find a new family doctor when ours retired and by recommending an excellent accountant. We appreciate the time she volunteers to help the Arts community in Victoria. She exudes confidence and energy and enthusiasm and is an absolute joy to work with!

Jill does an excellent job of looking after the details and responding quickly to emails.
They may an excellent team!”

–Stuart and Sharon Price
Victoria, BC

“Thank you Kirsty and Jill for your attention to my financial needs and therefore I have slept very well for a very long time!”

–Bob Holden
Duncan, BC

We've worked with clients from all backgrounds, and we understand the challenges you face and the values you want to protect.