Kirsty Thomson

Kirsty Thomson, QAFP

Wealth Advisor



Originally from Toronto, Kirsty earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Western University. After graduation, she embarked on an adventure to explore the world and experience its different peoples, food, and cultures. A pilgrimage to Northern India and one of the sources of the Ganges River was especially impactful, deepening her compassion for those less fortunate and helping her recognize the importance of giving back to the community. With more than 30 years of financial industry experience, Kirsty is the owner and principal financial advisor at Willow Wealth Management of Raymond James Ltd. She takes care of the day-to-day financial needs of her clients and ensures that their individual values and goals are aligned with their investment strategies. Known as a "people person", Kirsty gains a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in working with and helping others.

Her humble beginnings from a small town and farm are at the root of her personal philosophy, which is anchored in humility, honesty, integrity, trust, and hard work. Kirsty always lends a compassionate ear and believes in becoming fully engaged with her clients through open and transparent communication.

Achieving a deep understanding of her clients' goals and building strong relationships with them are critical to delivering exceptional client service and formulating strategies and solutions that are uniquely tailored to their needs. Her comprehensive process goes well beyond investment returns and includes tax minimization, financial and retirement planning as well as risk mitigation strategies. She finds great satisfaction and works tirelessly to help her clients achieve financial security and the freedom to enjoy life.

Kirsty moved to Victoria in 2002, where she has been active in numerous philanthropic endeavours. She is a former member of the Board of Dance Victoria and currently is a member of its fundraising committee. In addition to other charitable activities, for four consecutive years, she launched and spearheaded a very successful fundraiser called Cherish which benefited both Victoria Women's Transition House and Dance Victoria, raising more than $100,000 during that time.

Kirsty has enjoyed watching her three children grow into the amazing adults they have become. She loves family time, friends, fireside chats, reading, the performing arts, keeping fit and travel.

A few quirky facts about Kirsty – she is known to have strong opinions and loves to have fiery discussions. Kirsty is also terrified of bridges and elevators.

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