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Willow Wealth Management


The willow tree is known to represent balance, growth and harmony. Bending not breaking. A strong tenacity to live.

Like the willow, we strive to help you achieve balance between your personal and financial goals; growth through tailored financial planning, and harmony through our comprehensive approach to managing wealth.


Our clients are at the centre of our focus – now and always. We strive to cultivate a genuine and trusting relationship with each one of you. This allows us to have a greater understanding of what is important to you, thereby enabling us to deliver a financial experience that balances your unique personal and financial objectives. We are here to make achieving your financial goals as effortless as possible – and maybe even have a little fun in the process!

At Willow Wealth Management of Raymond James Ltd. we understand the importance of being efficient with your time, and we develop tightly managed financial plans and portfolios that grow under a watchful eye. Achieving balance financially will free up more quality time in your personal life.


A well developed and managed portfolio can act as a pension in retirement for those without one, and can be a supplement for those who do receive one in retirement.

Life’s many events drive your financial picture, sometimes bringing changes to your already existing plan. We look forward to walking this path beside you, ensuring that your financial plan reflects your needs and dreams now and in the future.


Our down-to-earth approach goes well beyond the days of just “stocks and bonds”. We are committed not only to helping you grow your wealth, but also to seeing that you achieve your personal and financial goals.

We understand that having harmony between work, family and finances can be daunting to manage on your own. With your consent, we work with your other trusted professionals, such as your tax and law advisors, in order to maximize your financial potential and minimize the time you need to focus on your finances.

We are profoundly honoured by the trust placed in us and we work hard to earn that trust every day.