What Clients Say

"We have been working with Dan for the past 2 years, after coming recommended by a colleague and friends. In this short period of time our portfolio has grown far beyond our expectations. Dan has also proven to be an excellent resource in helping us make other decisions and understanding the impact on meeting our long-term objectives. We also appreciate that he continues to upgrade his skills giving us confidence in his ability to further support us."

— M & J Santry

"I am so lucky to know Dan Frost. My husband died suddenly in February 2015 and sadly the debt was left in my hands, along with the responsibility of raising a 1 and 4 year old. To be honest, my biggest fear when he passed was dealing with my finances. Dan quietly said to me, many times, 'when you're ready let's sit down' and when I was finally ready he was excited and eager to help me get back on my feet. I was in a place where I could only pay my mortgage, childcare and car payment, nothing else. No insurance, heat, electricity, food, general kids expenses, nothing. He worked tirelessly to get me a plan that would work with my income and continuously assured me that I will be okay. This is what I needed, more than anything. He has been a great support in a time that I have never been so scared.

Dan and I have gotten to know each other through our various volunteer activities but mostly by serving as Directors on the Medicine Hat and District Chamber of Commerce. His passion for community and creating greater impact inspires me both in my work and my community."

— Tara L. Williams, BComm, MSc.