Charitable Giving Program

At Raymond James Canada Foundation, we are committed to helping families, corporations and non-profits build legacies that last a lifetime. We offer customized solutions for high net worth investors looking to create strategic charitable giving programs without the bother of setting up and managing their own private foundations. 

With our professional management team, we advise you on how to create philanthropic granting programs that are based on your personal wants, needs and desires. We focus our solutions on what you value most. We understand your passion, determination, and commitment to making the world a better place, and we provide you with the vehicle to achieve it.

Through the use of our sophisticated charitable giving account, we work with you and your Raymond James Advisor to manage your hard earned investments over the long term, and direct your charitable objectives with discretion and confidentiality. 

In doing so, you and your partners, if applicable, are given a tax efficient investment account where you can donate cash, securities or other investments, and still have influence over the charitable beneficiaries. Over time, you can build a culture of philanthropy within your family, group, or company, and appoint successor advisors during your lifetime or in your will. 

The Raymond James Canada Foundation is a registered charitable private foundation that offers charitable giving accounts using charitable giving funds as a way to facilitate charitable giving for our most valued clients.

Top 5 reasons why the Raymond James Charitable Giving Program should be your investment vehicle of choice for your philanthropy:

  1. Imagine Canada status
  2. Professional foundation administration, service & expertise
  3. Investment management services
  4. Flexible, cost-effective and efficient
  5. Granting program