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Canadian Bonds

October 30, 2015

If you own a Canadian bond, you may be taking a significant risk – and not be aware of it.

Canadian interest rates are low and any increase in interest rates will have a significant and negative effect on existing Canadian bonds, driving their price down.

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Licensed in 1999 as a Financial Advisor and holding the prestigious FCSI designation and a B.Sc. in Engineering, Riley has succeeded in providing his clients excellent investment advice and retirement planning.

Riley prides himself in remembering time-weathered investment truths. This includes an understanding that markets and industries cycle over time and that higher risk does not necessarily mean higher returns. Investment goals can be achieved through a variety of investments and that patience and discipline are essential to building wealth. There are no get-rich-quick alternatives.

Riley’s approach involves regular client discussions to ensure the best investment and retirement planning decisions are made. Over the long-term you’ll be sure to reach your desired destination – a comfortable and well-funded retirement

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