Kuehnel Portfolios

“My clients tell me that they want to enjoy the superior returns but manage risk while doing so. Over the next 10 to 15 years, I believe a moderately conservative management strategy will be the best way to achieve those results."
-- Eric Kuehnel

Your wealth - whether you're still building it, or want it to provide you with peace of mind for a long time - should never be gambled. The Kuehnel portfolios are tax-efficient, carefully managed and well reported. Each has been built to support its unique investment objectives and varies in asset mix, specific account holdings and volatility. In consultation with you, and in accordance with your risk tolerance and financial goals, Eric will determine your specific asset allocation and suitable portfolio participation.

The highly structured portfolios are designed to provide clients with a high degree of security and financial peace of mind, supported by Eric’s continual focus and commitment to meeting portfolio objectives and accountability for on portfolio performance. Each portfolio adheres to several risk management principles and investment disciplines, which help build effective ongoing growth of your assets.

You can choose from one of four investment mandates:

The Enhanced Income Portfolio is designed to prudently defend your investments. If you're retired, or looking forward to retiring soon, you need a portfolio that lets you enjoy life now while protecting your future. The Enhanced Income Portfolio has been designed with your top priorities in mind: To earn income, grow a little, and guard against risk.

Consisting mostly of fixed income and cash investments, this portfolio also includes dividend-paying equities and income trusts. With your comfort in mind, the equity component will be no more than 35% of the portfolio at any time. As such, it is intended to keep volatility in the low to moderate range.

By including investment instruments that pay dividends or offer potential capital gains, the enhanced income portfolio can provide greater tax efficiency. After all, it’s not what you make, it's what you keep that matters.

The bonds in the portfolio are made up of a combination of government, provincial, and corporate bonds and debentures. Interest rate risk is managed through the use of variable rate instruments and maturity date diversification.

The equity component is composed mostly of dividend paying blue-chip Canadian stocks. There is a deliberate emphasis on banks, telecommunications, utilities, and real estate, with a view to reducing volatility. From time to time other sectors will be used to enhance diversification and manage risk.

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The Balanced Income Portfolio is designed to create tax-efficient income while prudently growing your investments. Equally well-suited for people who are recently retired, or looking forward to retiring soon, this portfolio lets you enjoy life now while protecting your future from the negative effects of inflation.

In careful consideration of our client’s desire to keep volatility moderately low, this portfolio is made up of a prudent selection of Canadian dividend-paying equities, preferred shares, and bonds.

Seeking to reduce the effects of taxation, The Balanced Income Portfolio employs a greater emphasis on dividend-paying investments than the Enhanced Income Portfolio does. Therefore, it uses a greater proportion of preferred shares and common equities that pay dividends. The maximum equity exposure in this portfolio is 45%, which makes it a good choice for the moderately conservative investor who values income, growth, as well as keeping volatility relatively low.

In extreme market conditions, this portfolio may experience higher downside movement than one would expect from the Enhanced Income Portfolio, but is designed to be less volatile than a typical balanced fund might be.

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The Balanced Growth Portfolio has been crafted with the pre-retirement investor in mind. Designed to take advantage of growth opportunities in Canada, the US and abroad, the portfolio is also sensitive to the needs of the prudently minded investor. We understand that when a person nears retirement, they no longer wish to experience high levels of volatility in their portfolio.

Through a careful blend of fixed income and equity investments, the Balanced Growth Portfolio has tended to be less volatile in extreme markets while delivering respectable results over the long haul. The fixed income side of the portfolio contains a blend of government, provincial, and corporate bonds. Over and above these, strategic use of convertible debentures and preferred shares help to enhance the returns of the fixed income side. On the equity side, the manager makes good use of fundamental and technical analysis to select a well-diversified blend of companies with both growth and income in mind.

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The Diversified Growth Portfolio is intended for the investor who still has growth as their main objective for the next 15 to 20 years or more. In an effort to seek growth, the equity level can make up as much as 90% of this portfolio. The fixed income component will likely be made up of corporate bonds convertible debentures only. Cash positions are strictly strategic in nature and can be as low as zero.

This portfolio is designed for the investor who can tolerate significant swings in market value over a two-year period of time.

The nature of all Kuehnel portfolios is that they are slightly more conservative than the market at large. The Diversified Growth Portfolio is the most aggressive of the four portfolios offered by the Kuehnel Wealth. It can make up an important part of a prudent investor's portfolio that has long-term growth as their main objective.

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  1. Fundamental analysis: the reason why old sayings survived so long is quite likely that they have some truth behind them. For example," 2+2 equals 4, it always has and always will" is not new, but we hold by the wisdom behind it. That's why we make use of the formidable research team at Raymond James Ltd. as well as our own proprietary analysis to choose only companies that have strong fundamentals for the Kuehnel portfolios.

  2. Technical analysis: another old saying, “the trend is your friend” reminds us that even the best stocks are not worth holding when the trend is against them. For this reason, technical analysis is used in combination with fundamental analysis to ensure that we own the right stock at the right time.

  3. Style diversification: diversification by investment style has proven to reduce volatility in the portfolio in the past. For this reason, there is an intentional blend between value style, growth style, and growth at a reasonable price (GAARP) in the balanced growth portfolio.

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