Free Second Opinion Offer

Is your Retirement Plan Healthy Enough?


Has your investment plan truly kept up with the new realities?


A lot has changed since the financial crisis of 2008. Rates are lower, volatility is higher, rules are shifting, and new opportunities are appearing on the horizon. Many investors today are asking if their current investment portfolio is still the best way to achieve their financial goals.

That's why Portfolio Manager, Eric Kuehnel is offering to perform a complimentary 5 point review of your investment plan.

The five key questions to consider are:
  • What hidden or unnecessary risks may you be exposed to?
  • Are you paying excessive fees?
  • Should any investments be sold because of their low recovery potential?
  • Which high-potential securities should be kept or increased?
  • Is the over-all asset allocation and risk level appropriate for you?

When it comes to the security of your financial future, knowing is better than not knowing. To book your complimentary 45 minute session with Eric Kuehnel call today.