Deborah Reid, FMA, FCSI©, Financial Advisor

Professional Wealth Management

As a Financial Advisor, I help my clients prioritize their goals and provide a customized solution as individual as they are. Our industry tends to create people who sell products to clients rather than provide solutions. I see myself as a solution-provider, rather than a salesperson.

I know that there is no typical portfolio, and that what makes sense for one person isn’t a good fit for others. I propose solutions that are aligned with a client’s needs and recommend the most cost-effective investments for them. It is important to me that my clients understand their investments. I will take the time to explain how the solutions I have put forward fit their risk tolerance and financial objectives. I stand by the notion that “informed investors make informed decisions.”

I take a holistic approach with my clients and utilize Raymond James’ wealth management team of professionals to address all of my clients’ needs. Whether it is a comprehensive financial plan, an estate review, a meeting with an insurance specialist or the services of a Trust agent, I bring the right specialist to my client.

I strive for complete transparency in building relationships with my clients and provide an investment policy statement to all clients outlining my understanding of their wants and needs, as well as my services, products and fee structure.

Working for my clients, alongside Raymond James, I make a difference in people’s life by helping them harness financial and emotional independence, and by giving them the decision-making confidence one gains from a good relationship with their advisor.

Talk to me about how I can make a difference for you.