Healthcare Professionals

Medical Professionals facing the camera

You can rely on us to provide customized guidance to manage and protect the wealth you've worked so hard for.

As a healthcare professional, you may face many of the same issues as other affluent professionals, but you have unique needs, too. You entered the workforce later, likely saddled with debt from school and from starting a practice, and you have other priorities to save for - a practice, a home, a family, retirement.

We understand the unique financial issues you face and why it's more important than ever to make smart financial decisions now to prepare for the future.

  • 12%

    of doctors are over 65 years old.

    Source: CBC - 'More Doctors Keep Working After Retirement Age' April 2011

  • More than


    of Canadian physicians are incorporated, which has some tax advantages, such as lower taxes, income splitting (paying a salary to a spouse, for example), and deferring tax payments by holding money in the corporation.

    Source: The Globe and Mail, 2014

We'll work with you and your team of professionals to create, implement and manage a plan focused on the needs of your practice as well as your personal goals and dreams.